Itay Dvori’s compositional work encompasses a range of musical genres, including concert pieces for orchestra, choir, chamber music ensembles, solo instruments and voice, as well as stage music for spoken theatre and dance. His music has been performed by numerous soloists and ensembles, e.g. by Miguel Pérez Iñesta (clarinet), Jonathan Aner (piano), Carmel Raz (violin), Shira Karmon (soprano), Osnat Kaydar (soprano), the Shahar Choir, the Israel Brass Quintet and the Atom String Quartet. Itay Dvori also composes music for film, television and radio productions and has arranged dozens of songs for vocal and instrumental ensembles. With his comic concert project he has, furthermore, created a new multimedia genre, setting graphic novels to live music consisting of compositions and improvisations. 

Itay Dvori began creating his own music at the age of 10, right from the day of his first music lesson. At first, he developed improvisations, which he then repeated for as long as it took for them to become solid compositions. Around a year later, he learned how to notate his compositions himself, and at the age of 12 he began lessons in composition with Lev Kogan at the Petach Tikwa Municipal Conservatory of Music in Israel.  

Three years later, he was accepted as a pupil of Prof. Yizhak Sadai. To begin with, Itay took private lessons with him, and a few years later he studied under him at the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music in Tel Aviv. Sadai’s teaching profoundly influenced Itay Dvori as a composer, but also as a musician and a human being.


Selected Compositions