yam yabasha ensemble

The aim of the yam yabasha ensemble, founded in winter 2016 by Itay Dvori, is to present experimental and new improvisation projects within concert programmes. The focus is on compositions by members of the ensemble as well as by classical and contemporary composers who, following intensive rehearsals, are interpreted through improvisations in the concert.

The musicians, with a mixed background in the disciplines of classical and jazz, strive to create a bridge between different musical worlds, traditions and art genres. Just as “Yam Yabasha” (Hebrew: ‘sea and land’) – the name of a well-known Israeli children’s game – symbolises the alternation between water and earth, fluidity and solidity, the concerts are a meeting point for the planned and the spontaneous, text and idea, art music and folk music, composition and improvisation. It is an experience that arises within the space and within the moment with the audience, and therefore always remains unique.

The ensemble’s first project, the musical setting for the graphic novel Fliegenpapier (Fly Paper) by Hans Hillmann, combines text, image and sound. The concert evening was premiered on 21.04.2016 at the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin.

The yam yabasha ensemble is modular and performs in different formations, depending on the project. The members of the yam yabasha ensemble who contribute to the Fliegenpapier programme are:  

Raphael Clamer – speaker

Uwe Steinmetz – saxophone

Itay Dvori – piano, composition

Marcel Krömker – double bass

Javier Reyes – drums


Programmes of yam yabasha ensemble