Coverage of the Comic Concert

TV report by Dana Herman on the main news programme of the Israeli channel 1 (“Mabat”)

"The Sound of Graphic Novel: Itay Dvori vertont Comics live" 
Radio Segment by Julia Eikmann on Deutschlandfunk Kultur
"The Comic Concert of Itay Dvori – like a Silent Film, but upside down"
Article by Maya Nahum Shahal in the Israeli Economy Paper Calcalist



Of Solo Concerts

“The music he has composed himself is tremendously precise. Dvori feels his way into the illustrations as if he himself were part of the story. This is especially astonishing within sequences which represent a longer narrative strand and are not suited, for example, to particularly dramatic, melancholic, cheerful, or any other kind of emotionally expressive music. Within such sequences of illustrations, Dvori even manages to build and sustain tension within such sequences of illustrations, a tension which would perhaps not at all be conveyed by the illustrations alone.”
Hannah Bethke, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


“whether you wish to call what the Israeli pianist and composer Itay Dvori was performing “jazz”, “classical music” or even “new music”, it very soon didn’t matter at all: his solo was fascinating, however you may choose to compartmentalise it.”

Magnus Reitinger, Münchner Merkur

“The piano music composed and partly improvised by Dvori is conceived clearly.”

Lisa Hausmann, Göttinger Tageblatt


Of Fly Paper with the yam yabasha ensemble

“A new genre […] the musicians play together impressively”

Kerstin Poppendieck, Deutschlandradio Kultur


“A successful translation of one artistic medium into another”

 Anne-Sophie Balzer, taz

“The Israeli composer and pianist Itay Dvori has attributed to the graphic work jazz compositions which, on the one hand, are reminiscent of the musical aesthetic of the 1930s in the USA, but there is also great scope for improvisation – free jazz at its best.”

Erlanger Nachrichten


“The quartet around Itay Dvori comments on the story and illustrations without copying the jazz from that period. It is not about staying musically true to the original but about creating a bridge between the periods. This is never obtrusive, but is executed with the necessary pressure and perfect timing; experimental, sometimes eruptive, then back to a jive accompaniment – as free as Hillman’s fantastical pictorial inventions themselves.”   

Andreas Gebhardt, Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine


“Music […,] which is a new kind of programme music – the “comic concert”. […] an enthralling amalgamation of hard-boiled crime plot, daring imagery and dramatic jazz music which made the performance into a Gesamtkunstwerk of a very special kind. The yam yabasha ensemble performed it with the composer Itay Dvori on piano.”    

Klaus Kleinmann, Märkische Oderzeitung


Of Compositions

“In his Trio for Violin, Clarinet & Cello the composer Itay Dvori spanned an enchanting range of references: to stylistic worlds such as from Beethoven through to Mediterranean Israeli music, and to genres and techniques such as the fugue. The music in the piece constantly incorporated the particular characteristics of the three instruments, placed them in opposition to, and then brought them into harmony with, one another – all this within a variety of moods and with humour.” 

Noam Ben-Zeev, Haaretz