De lʼimage au son – et à lʼenvers

An illustrated piano soirée with the composer and pianist Itay Dvori

With works by Claude Debussy, Erik Satie and Yehezkel Braun as well as Itay Dvori’s own compositions and improvisations of comic works


The piano soirée entitled De l'image au son is, for the most part, a French programme dedicated to the particular reciprocal inspiration between image and sound. The premiere took place on 03.02.2017 at the Max-Samuel-Haus in Rostock.

A key work is Erik Satie’s “Sports et Divertissements”, an exceptional piece within music history, with twenty piano miniatures to illustrations by Charles Martin which reflect the zeitgeist of the “belle epoque” in Paris. “L'Isle Joyeuse” by Claude Debussy, too, goes back to a painting by Watteau. Braun’s “Landscapes in Green” and “Seascapes”, on the other hand, have metaphorical titles, inviting listeners to evoke their own imagery. 

Another part of the programme is devoted to the “neuvième art” (‘ninth art’), the name given to comic art in France, where this art form is particularly well nurtured. Here, the meticulously composed music for the images in the first part is contrasted with a wholly new type of performance: Itay Dvori plays partly improvised musical settings for scenes from graphic novels, settings he has created as part of his most recent project of the Comic Concert. The images from the graphic novels set to music are projected in parallel with the music.

RecitalsAdi Levy